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FISH GUARDIAN is a patent pending product designed to dispense live release formula in a liquid form directly into your boat livewell with the push of a button.  Saves precious fishing time and helps protect your catch instantly.  Can be installed easily in approximately one hour.  

FISH GUARDIAN can be used with any powder live release formula as well as G JUICE (formerly known as U2 FRESHWATER)  and even hydrogen peroxide.  If you choose to use a powder formula, use a 10oz bottle of powder to 2 liters of HOT WATER and make sure that all granules are COMPLETELY dissolved before pouring the liquid mixture into the FISH GUARDIAN tank.  One 10oz bottle of CATCH & RELEASE mixed with 2 liters of HOT WATER will fill the FISH GUARDIAN tank 1 1/2 times and will administer up to 50 three-second doses into your boat livewell.

If you choose to use the G JUICE - FRESH WATER - you just pour the 16oz or half of the 64oz bottle into the FISH GUARDIAN tank.  No mixing is required. 

If your boat does not have sidewalls to mount FISH GUARDIAN tank, manufacturer recommends you purchase the Aluminum "L" Bracket sold separately.  This bracket comes with pre-drilled holes and mounting bolts ready to install. 

All FISH GUARDIAN kits come with a one year Limited Warranty (from date of purchase) on all parts and operation.

  • Manufacturer: Fish Guardian, LLC


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